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Videos from the 50 Kisses Journey

The 50 Kisses Chat Track

On February 13th '14, ‘50 Kisses’ was premiered and released in the UK. At a capacity screening at the Genesis Cinema, cast, crew, friends and family gathered to celebrate in style. WATCH HERE

The World Premiere of 50 Kisses

On February 13th '14, ‘50 Kisses’ was premiered and released in the UK. At a capacity screening at the Genesis Cinema, cast, crew, friends and family gathered to celebrate in style. WATCH HERE

A Love Letter From 50 Kisses

A montage from the journey, featuring lots of the 127 films and filmmakers involved, plus music from the 50 Kisses music challenge. It’s a reminder of the ambition of 50 Kisses... WATCH HERE

World Record Holders.... 50 Kisses

The writers of 50 Kisses gathered at BAFTA to celebrate the news that they had collectively entered the Guinness Book Of Records for the most co-writers on a feature film. WATCH HERE

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  • #4

    Carolina Rodrigues (Sunday, 28 December 2014 21:19)

    Was so excited to watch it!! Will be live on my blog on Tuesday!

  • #3

    jamie milligan (Sunday, 28 December 2014 20:59)

    I'd like to sign up for the next project. Below is the last short I wrote and directed.

  • #2

    Mark (Saturday, 27 December 2014 11:02)

    Great to see it! What an epic effort from everyone, especially Chris, Judy and the team!

  • #1

    50kisses (Wednesday, 24 December 2014 22:00)

    Here it is, 50 Kisses the feature film now online. We all hope you enjoy it and please do leave feedback.

Final Draft, proud sponsors of '50 Kisses'

On the blog...





Listen to the filmmakers and screenwriters ‘chat track’ for ‘50 Kisses’ and find out how they did it

We released ’50 Kisses’ online last week and today we are releasing the official DVD chat track for the movie. On this version of the film, over 30 of the filmmakers and writers discuss their experiences of ’50 Kisses’ and just how it all came together for them. The film is played in slow motion so everyone gets chance to share their journey. We do hope you enjoy it and remember to leave feedback.





50 Kisses Will Premiere on Xmas Day 2014

Following the news that 50 Kisses has been rejected from Sundance (thanks LA based Marlowes for chasing it), we can announce that there is no reason to hold back the movie from the internet.


On Xmas day, you will be able to watch 50 Kisses online, download an MP4 (for your own device) and embed it on any of your websites and blogs.

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50 Kisses Success Story from Nick Grills

The other day I was at work doing my boring supermarket job when I looked across to the book section and saw The Guinness Book of World Records 2015. It gave me a surge of excitement to know that I had some small part of page 165.


My script Last Chance was one of those chosen for 50 Kisses and I’m happy to say that it even made it into the finished feature. I attended the premiere, brought my mum along too, and couldn’t help but feel proud when Chris Jones made all the writers stand up and pointed out that, “It all started with you guys.” That moment was better than my graduation; it was recognition in an industry where the writer is mostly invisible.

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50 Kisses in the Guinness Book Of Records

I just got my copy of the 2015 Guinness Book Of Records and can confirm that yes, 50 Kisses is listed on the bottom right of page 165 in the movie makers section. We are in very good company sharing the page with Steve Spielberg, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise, Robert Downey Junior and Stan Lee. How cool is that? You can get your own copy as the book is now on sale.






50 Kisses on London Live with the World Record

As with most media exposure, you get a call, jump in a cab and 30 minutes later you are on TV – and it happened again just now, with 50 Kisses being featured on London Live to help publicise the launch of the new Guinness Book Of World Records today, now in its 60th edition. Great fun!

Read the full blog HERE

50 writers, 50 Filmmakers... ONE MOVIE

50 Kisses is an initiative to showcase talent from new screenwriters, filmmakers and allied creatives. The process is 100% free and will resulted in a feature film that was premiered in London on February 13th 2014.

  • Read the 50 winning scripts here
  • Watch the 130 submitted films here

Where in the world are the filmmaking teams? Remember to scroll the map.

View 50 Kisses Film makers Locations in a larger map



1. Choose YOUR script

The 50 best scripts were chosen from 1870 entries. READ HERE

2. Make YOUR film and upload it

127 films were submitted by production teams. SEE HERE

3. The best films were then edited to make the feature film, '50 Kisses', released in the cinema on february 13th 2014

Be part of the worlds first truly crowd sourced narrative feature film.

Stage 1 CLOSED (for writers): Write Film…What does love mean to you? Write something extraordinary.

CLOSED JUNE 30th 2012 - Write a two page screenplay set on Valentine’s Night and enter it into our free London Screenwriters’ Festival Feature competition (closes June 30th). From the entrants, fifty winning scripts will be chosen by our judges. These scripts will then be released to the film making community (after development and sometime mid August). Filmmakers around the world can then make films based on this rich vein of themed and loosely connected scripts. 

Stage 2 CLOSED (for filmmakers): Make Film… Produce an amazing movie!


CLOSED OCTOBER 21th 2012 - Anyone can then make any of those fifty winning scripts into a movie (including the writers). This is the second and unique phase of the competition that will give filmmakers two months to produce and upload their film based on their chosen script from the fifty winners. The filmmaking competition ends on October 27th. The best films will then be assessed by our Judges and edited together to make a feature length crowd sourced movie set on Valentines night.


Awards were given on the evening of February 13th 2014 and went to...


  • Best Performance, Elizabeth Croft for ‘A Kiss Goodbye’
  • Best Production Design, Laura Kettle for ‘Neil’
  • Best Cinematography, Marc Greenfield for ‘Practice Makes Perfect’
  • Best Editing, Anil Rao for ‘Neil’
  • Best Music, Daniel Pemberton for ‘Neil’
  • Promo Award, Tess Tyler for the song ‘Stunt Poetry’
  • Best Song, Fuzzy Jones for the song ‘Swans’
  • Best Sound Design, Ben Baird for ‘Neil’
  • Guerilla Film Award, Phil Peel for ‘Lone’
  • Best Director, Staré Yildirim for ‘The Good Night’
  • Best Film, Evan Marlowe for ‘Smasheroo’

All filmmaking teams and the 51 writers of 50 Kisses were also given awards during the ceremony.


Tony Jordan, Screenwriter
Prolific screenwriter, champion of new talent and big cheese at Red Planet.

Sunny and Shay
BBC London radio stars and movie lovers

Barbara Machin, Screenwriter

BAFTA and EMMY award winning screenwriter.

Lucy Hay, script editor, Producer and owner

Lucy has also just helped produce her first feature and published her first novel.

Dean Craig, Screenwriter
Brit writer living in LA and scribe behind ‘Death At A Funeral’

Ashley Pharaoh, Screenwriter
Creator of ‘Life On Mars’ and prolific screenwriter.

Eddie Hamilton, Editor
Eddie has edited ‘Kick-Ass’, ‘X-Men’ and a ton of other features.

Jeanne V Boweman, Editor and Online Community Manager
Jeanne is great supporter of emerging talent and also runs #ScriptChat. Legend!

Philip Bloom, DoP
Legendary director of photography working with all the coolest newest kit.

Julie Gray, Script Consultant

And head honcho at the Just Effing Entertain Me Screenwriting Comp

John August, Screenwriter
Also runs the best screenwriting blog.


Of course the REAL prize is getting your work produced and distributed!

Brand new iPad
For both best screenplay and best film, donated by Final Draft.

Final Draft Screenwriting Software
Awarded for best screenplay and best film.

Free pass to the festival! Worth £300
For both Best Film and Best Script.

Fabulous Trophies!
For the winners in every category

Screenwriting Course
Provided by our friends at the Met Film School.

Filmmaking Course
Provided by our friends at the Met Film School.

50 screenwriters, 50 filmmakers... '50 Kisses'...

At the London Screenwriters' Festival we are dedicated to getting creative people writing and making films, and then to help them to connect their work with audiences and the industry.


This competition saw screenwriters work produced, and filmmakers films released.


'50 Kisses' Partners


CLOSED Rules for filmmakers

To enter you must register your interest by sending us your email address below. (Now closed) We will then keep in touch with you with evolving details. Entries from unsolicited filmmakers who have not registered will not be accepted. YES I AM INTERESTED IN MAKING A MOVIE FOR THE ’50 KISSES’ COMPETITION

  1. On August 3rd 2012 you will receive an email with all 50 winning scripts. You will have two months to produce and upload your movie.
  2. Do not use copyrighted music. You will be disqualified if you do.
  3. You will need to supply the relevant production paperwork (we will send you a pack).
  4. Credits at the end should be silent (as we will be editing the 50 winning films together).
  5. By entering the film, you will assign all (non-exclusive) rights for us to exploit the film. You will maintain copyright and you can upload the film wherever you like.
  6. Expanded rules will be issued closer to the time.

Filmmaking guide
You will have 50 scripts to choose from and we will select just one winning film for each script, so chose your screenplay tactically.

Filmmaker FAQ

Can I still enter a screenplay?
No, the script part of the competition is now closed. We will run another script competition in the future, so join our mailing list if you would like to get details about it.


Can I still enter a film?

No, the film part of the competition is now closed as well. We will run another film competition in the future, so join our mailing list if you would like to get details about it.


Can I make more than one film?


Once a script has been chosen to be produced, can anyone else make it too?
Yes, so we could have many entries for one script and a few for others. So choose your script tactically.


Can I re-interpret the script when shooting?
Yes, though drift to far and you will be disqualified. All scripts change on set, it must remain faithful in intent to the script.


Can people from overseas enter?
Yes of course.


Can I enter a script, and if it is selected as one of the fifty, can I also film it and enter the film competition?
Yes, but the competition is now closed, so you'll have to wait for the next one!

And we have a Facebook page too, please join up for regular updates…