'Enough' by New Granary Productions

(London, UK) First Edit

New Granary Productions comprises of a group of five actors currently in training at Drama Centre London - each of whom have starred, directed as well as produced 5 separate shorts for the 50 Kisses project.  'Enough' was shot on Canon 7D Mark II. 

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First cut: Producers notes for the filmmakers

  • Like the conceit – bravo!
  • Music mixed too high
  • Needs foley and sound effects to build a credible acoustic world
  • Police sirens and helicopter sound effects at the start would help the gag.
  • Needs trimming, try removing 30 seconds
  • Grade the first half more like a superhero film – saturated colours etc

First Cut Comments... have YOUR say!

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Comments: 6
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    Stephen Cooper (Tuesday, 06 November 2012 18:17)

    Is an interest take on the script but for me it doesn't work. I don't think the dramatic movements and deadpan tone suit the script. Think you are brave for trying something different, and it may well have worked on a different script but I don't think any of the emotion conveyed in the original story comes through here. Would suggest cutting a bit from the end just to tighten it a little and get the runtime down. Sorry for being a bit negative, I do hope other people enjoy it more than I did though as it was interesting to see a different approach to it.

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    Evan (Tuesday, 06 November 2012 21:03)

    It's a good example of how melodrama can work. You put a unique stamp on the script and I applaud you for it. As mentioned above add a little more over the top colorizing, ambiance and score to convince us we're watching two superheroes. If there was a more dramatic shift in tone the punch line would be more effective.

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    Zack (Saturday, 10 November 2012 22:14)

    I thought the beginning dialogue could be trimmed a bit, seemed to drag on. Loved the sudden entrance, the film gained a lot of life afterwards. Good presence from the male lead. Good song for the party, at the right volume. As for the beginning dramatic score - it was too loud.
    Overall, I enjoyed it.

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    Kirsty McConnell (Sunday, 11 November 2012 20:31)

    As much as this differs from the set up in my original script, the more I watch it, the more I love it!

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    Alison (Sunday, 11 November 2012 21:39)

    The element of mystery is excellent. The background music in the dialog could be a whispered version of the loud party music that emerges following the male intervention, thus giving the effect that the door is closed during the dialog, and at the conclusion, left open to release the noise. Otherwise, I really liked it.

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    Pia (Sunday, 11 November 2012 22:05)

    I really liked U switching from being in close contact to your mixed emotions to being your role in the outer world, Nina!

    Gm, Nana