50 Kisses The Winners

On February 13th 2014, 600 people gathered for the world premiere of 50 Kisses, plus the awards to celebrate the winners.


There are photos of the event HERE.


There is a full write up about the awards and premiere HERE.

The Award Winners for 50 Kisses

  • Best Performance, Elizabeth Croft for ‘A Kiss Goodbye’
  • Best Production Design, Laura Kettle for ‘Neil’
  • Best Cinematography, Marc Greenfield for ‘Practice Makes Perfect’
  • Best Editing, Anil Rao for ‘Neil’
  • Best Music, Daniel Pemberton for ‘Neil’
  • Promo Award, Tess Tyler for the song ‘Stunt Poetry’
  • Best Song, Fuzzy Jones for the song ‘Swans’
  • Best Sound Design, Simon Reglar and Ben Baird for ‘Neil’
  • Guerilla Film Award, Phil Peel for ‘Love’
  • Best Director, Staré Yildirim for ‘The Good Night’
  • Best Film, Evan Marlowe for ‘Smasheroo’
  • Audience Award To Be Announced

The 51 Screenwriters of 50 Kisses

  • Nick Grills for ‘Last Chance’
  • Gabriella Apicella for ‘Other People's Kisses’
  • Kirsty McConnell for ‘Enough’
  • James Howard for ‘Smasheroo’
  • Kenneth J Lemm for ‘That Good Night’
  • Sarah Page for ‘Beryl’
  • Mark Pallis for ‘Practice Makes Perfect’
  • Anne-Marie Draycott & Charity Trimm for ‘Dream Date’
  • Phil Berard for ‘Close Encounters’
  • Jo Buckman for ‘You Used To Bring Me Flowers’
  • Nathan Gower for ‘Colton's Big Night’
  • Kulvinder Gill for ‘Romantic Hideaway’
  • Peter Carruthers for ‘Never Forget’
  • Rob Burke for ‘Love’
  • Nigel Karikari for ‘Neil’
  • Richard Green for ‘The Last Supper’
  • Stephen Cooper for ‘The Moment’
  • John Thornton for ‘Getting A Head Of Your Self’
  • Vanessa Yardley for ‘Priceless’
  • Ryan La Via for ‘Red Light’
  • Mark Jones for ‘Lonely Heart’
  • Tina Lowe for ‘A Kiss Goodbye’
  • Nina Haerland for ‘Nothing Ventured’
  • Marc Lockier for ‘60 Year Valentine’
  • Lawrence Diamond for ‘A Glasgow Kiss’
  • Ross Aitken for ‘Advice’
  • Rhys Howell for ‘Boxes’
  • Louise McCooey for ‘Cloudy Days’
  • Oliver Morran for ‘Countdown’
  • Arron Ferguson for ‘Don't’
  • Jennifer Leigh Allen for ‘First, Last, Best’
  • Chris Mueller for ‘Her and Him’
  • Emily Salter for ‘I'll Stand By You’
  • K Satchwell for ‘Jealous Making’
  • Jess Smith for ‘Kisses from Jessica’
  • Sue Whitting for ‘Love Letters’
  • Phil Charles for ‘Lunchtime’
  • Andrew Turvil for ‘On Thy Cheeks A Fading Rose’
  • Tracey Flynn for ‘Poster Boy’
  • Jesco Puluj for ‘Proof of Love’
  • Honor Flaherty for ‘Sloppy Snogs’
  • Mac McSharry for ‘SWALK’
  • Nathanael Bauer for ‘The Great Kiss Heist’
  • David Griffith for ‘The Cyclist’
  • Sam Heydon for ‘The Nearness of You’
  • Christopher D Bacon for ‘Tied Up’
  • Rachel McAdam for ‘The Price of Romance’
  • Lloyd Morgan for ‘A Ghetto Punk Romance’
  • Nick Luddington for 'Unbearable'
  • Stephen O'Brien for 'First/Last'

The Filmmaking Teams Top 25

Last Chance by Mirror Image, written by Nick Grills
Close Encounters by Barnstorm Pictures, written by Phil Berard
Other Peoples Kisses by Simon Foster, written by Gabriella Apicella
Enough by Puzzle Pictures, written by Kirsty McConnell
Smasheroo by Sweet Home Films, written by James Howard
That Good Night by Team Solution, written by Kenneth J Kemm
Beryl by Capitol City, written by Sarah Page
Practice Makes Perfect by Team Station, written by Mark Pallis
Dream Date by Makelight Productions, written by Anne-Marie Draycott & Charity Trimm
You Used to Bring Me Flowers by Open All Hours Media, written by Jo Buckman
Colton's Big Night by Sun Rock Productions, written by Nathan Gower
Romantic Hideaway by Team Scribble, written by Kulvinder Gill
Never Forget by Black Toffee / SnapperPunchFish Productions, written by Peter Carruthers
Love by Grindstone Films, written by Rob Burke
Neil by Anil Rao, written by Nigel Karikari
First / Last by Cut to Productions, written by Stephen O’Brien
Unbearable by Darkwood Films, written by Nick Luddington
Neil by Storydigital, written by Nigel Karikari
The Last Supper by James Cookson, written by Richard Green
The Moment by A Silver Bullet, written by Stephen Cooper
Getting Ahead of Yourself by Uncle Susan Films, written by John Thornton
Priceless by UNEZEYES Productions, written by
Vanessa Yardley
Red Light by Good Shout, written by Ryan La Via
Lonely Heart by Good Shout, written by Mark Jones
A Kiss Goodbye by Under Your Hat Productions, written by Tina Lowe