'Nothing Ventured' by Junction Zero

(UK) Sceond Edit

The cast are Lucy from East Sussex, Dave from London, and Katie from West Sussex. It's very much a one-man-band crew consisting of Djonny from Lutterworth, assisted by one runner, Fonny. The film was shot on Canon 7D using any available lights; and the location sound and ADR were recorded using Edirol R-44 sound recorder and Sennheiser gun mic and wireless kit.

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'Nothing Ventured' by Junction Zero

(UK) First Edit

First cut: Producers notes for the filmmakers

  • Needs tightening all the way throughout – try and loose 35% - drop lines that are not essential
  • Music too bright in the mix and dominates
  • Add foley, effects and atmos to help with the ADR – work on mixing the dialogue tracks a bit more, pull out a few frequencies and add a tiny bit of reverb to create ‘room’ around your ADR
  • Fix sync problems at end – cut lines if needed

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    Adolf El Assal (Sunday, 04 November 2012 16:21)

    towards the end, some of Jack's lines are not in sync.

  • #2

    Glyn Carter (Sunday, 04 November 2012 17:32)

    Nicely acted, and lit. I took it that he'd been in love with the flower-girl for a while - otherwise the line about passing every day has no significance. Unfortunately, Emma detracts from a simple story, and completely weakens the ending. It will be so much better if you can edit her out, and cut the ending to the bare minimum.

  • #3

    Will Prosor (Monday, 05 November 2012 23:39)

    The closing shots of her walking out of the shop are really well done and perfectly framed. Mixed in with some of the other great shots such as her smelling the flowers, it has great potential. There are pre mentioned ADR problems that need to be worked on, nothing a few more hours in the studio won't fix. The introduction of foley as well could be good as there were things that lacked. While the dolly shot was well done it went a bit too long for my tastes and his face becomes obscured to the point where it lost its illusion. Em's presence needs to be increased or removed as she is a bit of a side note now, just a quick shot of her motioning to him or something along those lines could help develop her farther. Some great potential with just a little tweaking, can't wait to see the final edit!

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    Stephen Cooper (Tuesday, 06 November 2012 21:33)

    Really like the colours in the shop. Well shot, good performances. Think the end goes on for longer than it needs to. Could pretty much cut at him giving her the flowers and there is an ADR problem at the end.

    My only other concern is the completely un-needed character lingering around at the beginning. If you have any way to cut her out and not mention her at the end, i would. That said, its a very nice, kind natured film.

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    Shaun Bond (Thursday, 15 November 2012 13:09)

    The music was a tad too dominating, I was hoping that it would drop at some point so that I could actually hear what is going on so I would suggest dropping that a little. I enjoyed this film, but there are lots of shots that could be cut down to make it run faster and better. The shot where she turns off the lights to leave, for example, is one that I remember thinking could be shortened.
    There is also a shot used at 2.33, and again once or twice afterwards, where the colour cast seems out of sync with the rest of the film. In that shot it suddenly seems overly blue and their faces too orange, if it's an intentional colour cast then I would simply have a look at making it less obvious or less of a dramatic change from the shot that comes before it.

    People have already picked up on lines going out of sync with mouth movements towards the end, but I felt this was the case all the way through. There was something not right with most of the dialogue as it was far too obviously looped. This is the main thing holding it back from brilliance for me. It was enjoyable, the physical acting was great and a few tweaks here and there would make this solid. Well done.

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    Mark (Wednesday, 21 November 2012 22:54)

    I haven't seen any versions of this fim yet.

    It would have been very slow had it not been for the fact I was slowly baited then had to see him give her the flowers like waiting for a goal to be scored. I think this is a disposable fim in that you must have no prior knowledge of it then that way it keeps you interested all the way through. I didnt notice anything that threw me out of the film and the locations were interesting enough and the flower shop pretty. Maybe the music was a bit repetitive and droning but really all good as far as I was concerned.