'50 Kisses' enters the final editing

The 50 Kisses competition is now closed and we are judging and preparing post production for the feature film. We will need a lot of help in post and distribution, and if you think you can help – maybe you have After Effects skills, can help foley sound, want to help with social media in distribution etc. drop us an email at gail@londonswf.com.

'Advice' by Rowena Woolford

Rowena Woolford is a new director, she has been creating her own short fictional films since she graduated East 15 Acting School in July 2012. WATCH HERE

'Advice' by Thorny Devil Productions

Thorny Devil Productions are a London and L.A.-based production company, formed in 2010. Our 50 Kisses entry was Directed by James Card, from Ross Aitken's script; DoP Daniel D Moses; Executive Producer Jennifer Taylor Lawrence; Original Music by Bart Warshaw. The film was shot on a Nikon DSLR.  WATCH HERE

'Advice' by IIFA

From Makati City, Philippines an IIFA production of "Advice".
Directed by George Moya and Luke Perez. Shot on Canon 60D, 7D and 5D mk ii at 25fps, 1080p. WATCH HERE


'Beryl' by Capital City

Director is Deepak Verma.  Filmed on a Canon 5D MkII. This short marks the first time that most of the cast and crew worked together.  WATCH HERE

'Beryl' by Kristy Linderholm

Shot in LA on a Red with an arri lighting kit.We're doing another pass for color and light balance. Looking forward to hearing feedback! WATCH HERE

'Beryl' by EmJay Productions

Team EmJay Productions is a truly international collaboration with Indian born Director Dilip Rathod and British born Producer Emma Stickland, based in London. We shot Beryl in one day on the Canon 5d. WATCH HERE

'Boxes'  by Stormdrain Films

Cast Mark Morris, Samantha Storey and the voice of Sara Dee. Music "Middle earth" Pierre Langer Unique tracks Production music library. Email: info@uniquetracks.com Produced and Directed by Mark Morris (Stormdrain films) - for "FIFTY KISSES" feature film. WATCH HERE

'Close Encounters'  by Junction Zero

 The film was shot on Canon 7D using any available lights; and the location sound and ADR were recorded using Edirol R-44 sound recorder and Sennheiser gun mic and wireless kit. WATCH HERE

'Close Encounters' by Convenfilm

Unit, Coven Delacruz and Rebecca Lippman. I directed,cinematography,and played Dave. Rebecca was asst.director,camera operator,and played Stacy. Zak Kouri and I did lights. Zak was camera operator as well. WATCH HERE

'Close Encounters' by Barnstorm Pictures

This was filmed using a Canon 550D running Magic Lantern with a Canon EF 24-70 f2.8 L USM Lens.  WATCH HERE

'Close Encounters' by Evo Film

Evo Film in association with Evo Arts, From East Sussex - UK. Shot 1080p HD using Canon 550D DSLR Camera.  WATCH HERE

'Close Encounters' by Angel Albino


'Cloudy Days' written by Louise McCooey

No film submitted

'Colton's Big Night' by Sun Rock Productions

We are Sun Rock Productions, we're based in England, London and we chose to make 'Colton's Big Night' because of it's quirkiness and charm. The film was shot on a Canon 60D in two days and we spent 3 weeks in post production.


'Colton's Big Night' by Ekwiss

Susie Shircliff is the producer. Matthew Real is the director, and Herschel Zahnd is the DP. All three met on this project. The film was shot on a Canon t3i. WATCH HERE

'Colton's Big Night' by Molly Ingstad

Shot on 7D wioth a great crew. We all graduated from The LA Film School in August and became like family through out our 18 months there. Sara Bravo DP'd it, and Deguie Sanabria was production designer... WATCH HERE

'Colton's Big Night' by Origems Productions

The Film was shot on a Canon 6OD with 35, 50, 85mm lens. Camille Sainsbury Aka Puss in Boots. Director, dreamer. Alex Woocock- DOP Aka Handyman, techno whizzkid. Alex Williams- sweet-toothed maverick with a penchant for comedy.WATCH HERE

'Colton's Big Night' by Chris Vanderhorst


'Countdown' by Scott Craig

I am a 19 year old filmmaker at Bournemouth University who is passionate about film, I gathered a talented crew and we shot the film using a DSLR camera. WATCH HERE

'Countdown' by BOTU Films

Shot on a Canon 650D in Dunedin, New Zealand. We are like-minded amateurs with day jobs ranging from IT, customer service, retail, office administration and uni student. We did this for fun, and to challenge ourselves. WATCH HERE

'The Cyclist' written by David Griffith

No film submitted

'Don't' by Team Gull Films

Withheld at Filmmakers Request

'Don't' by Doc Wood Films

'When everything comes seems at its end, will you find a friend?' Shot on the RED: Scarlet and Canon 5D: MarkII  WATCH HERE

'Don't' by Dare Dynamic

Shot on a 60D and 600D with only a director, two actors, DOP and Sound recordist we traveled from Middlesex to Bournemouth and shot it all in a day on Cliffs tops.  WATCH HERE

'Dream Date' by Makelight Productions

Diana Juhr De Benedetti from Munich and Andromeda Godfrey from Brighton make up Makelight Productions and for Dream Date we teamed with cinematographer Amarjeet Singh and production designer Dave Paul. The film was shot on a Canon C300 in The Claremont Hotel in Brighton. WITHHELD AT REQUEST OF FILMMAKER. 

'Dream Date' by Carolina Rath

We shot in Berlin at the beautiful Hotel Bogota and hope you will have as much fun watching the film as we had making it! We are crew of movie-makers from all over Europe who live in Berlin. WITHHELD AT FILMMAKERS REQUEST

'Enough' by Nortikle

Nortikle is a new independent film production company based in the UK. WATCH HERE

'Enough' by Rock the Boat

The crew and cast were put together via word of mouth and 1 online ad. It was filmed on a Canon 60D camera at the main actor's (Rachel Chenus) condo with sound editing done by a crew I haven't even met yet.  WATCH HERE

'Enough' by First Reel Films

First Reel Films is a Belfast based production company started by Phil Ball. Our film was directed by Christine McGowan and shot in one night in Belfast using zero budget. The film was shot using two HD cameras and uses split-screen throughout the entire film.  WATCH HERE

'Enough' by New Ganary Productions

New Granary Productions comprises of a group of five actors currently in training at Drama Centre London - each of whom have starred, directed as well as produced 5 separate shorts for the 50 Kisses project.  'Enough' was shot on Canon 7D Mark II.   WATCH HERE

'Enough' by Olivia Faire

A one shot, filmed on the Canon 550D. Starring the talented Pip Willett and Leo Hatton with Jamie Hirsch, Francesca Newton, George Millar, Bella Franks, Daniel Tookey and last but not least Alexandra Dudley. WATCH HERE

'Enough' by Simon Straub - Film & Photography

Based in Stuttgart, Germany Simon Straub - Film & Photography is actually a one man production company. With no budget the decision was quickly made to film with the Canon EOS 7D. For post-production Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects were used. WATCH HERE

'Enough' by Marshall Film Productions


'Enough' by Puzzle Pictures

London based filmmaker Maureen Hascoet teamed up with producer Anna Zalane to produce short film 'Enough', starring Natalia Tena (Harry Potter, Games of Throne), Simeon Willis and Brona C Titley - for the 50 Kisses competition. WATCH HERE

'Enough' by Jaro Slava

We are Director-DP-Editor Jaroslava, Production Manager-AD Colette, sound recordist Mark, and camera assistant David. This short film was shot in Blessington, Kildare, Ireland. We shot on Canon 5D Mark II over one day a week before the deadline. WATCH HERE

'First, Last, Best' written by Jennifer Leigh Allen

No film submitted

'First/Last' by London Film Entrepreneurs (LFE)

We filmed the majority of it over two nights with a couple of establishing shots on a third using a Canon 550d. Really happy for the opportunity to get some feedback, to make some improvements and have a chance to see the other entries! WATCH HERE

'First/Last' by Cut To Productions

We are students at the University of Manchester. For most of us this was our third project together, shot on a Canon 6D Mark II on the grand budget of 20 quid. WATCH HERE

'First/Last' by DVM

Since the scene is static, Darshan (the director) worked closely with Tea Smart, the DoP, to push for a visual style and give the movie an identity by giving it texture and culture. The movie was shot on a Canon EOS 60D with a 16x9 aspect ratio. WATCH HERE

'First/Last' by Multimedia Moguls

Wade Copson (Director/VFX/Editor),Russell Smith (Director/Editor) and Daniel Tupou (Cinematography). This film was shot on Canon 60d and 7d cameras and edited using Adobe Premiere and After Effects. WATCH HERE

'First/Last' by WTF Prawn

We shot the film over the course of six hours on a Saturday night with a couple of friends on a Canon 7D. WATCH HERE

'First/Last' by Zander Wood Productions

We shot in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on the Red Scarlet X and it poured rain on us the entire weekend.  WATCH HERE

'First/Last' by Stevanovich FIlms

Shot on Canon's 650d with stock lens, either handheld or on a photographic tripod WATCH HERE



'Ghetto Punk Romance' by Rainstar Productions

Withheld at filmmakers request.



'Ghetto Punk Romance' by Quink Tattoo

The crew for this was: James lloyd- Director, Matt Howey Nunn- Producer and Cinematographer, Rory Langdon- Down- Editor and Camera Man. Our stills were shot by Rebekah Heys.We shot on a 5D Mark ii on a steady cam. WATCH HERE

'A Ghetto Punk Romance' by Giant B

No budget but thanks to my generous crew of 5 who love the art of film-making. Shot on Canon 5d Mark II, Canon 1Dx and gopro (skateboard shots). Mostly available light was used. WATCH HERE

'A Glasgow Kiss' written by Larry Diamond

No film submitted

'The Great Kiss Heist' by Big Idea Films


'Her...and Him' by Tupelo Tree Productions

A short film by London based Tupelo Tree Productions comprising of a dynamic party scene with the Devil, Cupid and a few surprises. Filmed on Sony A33 DSLR and Panasonic Professional AG-HMC40.


'Her and Him' by Tropical


'I'll Stand By You' by Salt Mountain Productions

The film was directed by Daniel Mount and shot over one day in Manchester on a Canon SD550. The main players are Emily Sinclair (who is, somewhat confusingly, also me...), Hamish Sturgeon, Sophie Hannah Harrison and the brilliant 5-year-old Mai Harrison. WATCH HERE

'Jealous Making' by New Granary Productions

New Granary Productions comprises of a group of five actors currently in training at Drama Centre London - each of whom have starred, directed as well as produced 5 separate shorts for the 50 Kisses project.  WATCH HERE


'Jealous Making' by Team Bansai Banter

This was our last minute entry in to the 50 Kisses competition. We script edited, pre-produced, shot the film, and did the post-production in the space of 8 days to get it in on time, and were thoroughly glad we did!WATCH HERE

'Jealous Making' by Palm D'Off


'A Kiss Goodbye' by Under Your Hat Productions

South East based collective film team assembled by director Baz Hodson with DOP Matt Grover. Shot on location in South Croydon using Canon 7D, f2.8 24 - 70 lens and dedolight kit. Actors: Elizabeth Croft and Stephen Harakis WATCH HERE

Kisses from Jessica by Chris Vanderhorst


'Last Chance' by Dan & Skylar Go Kiwi

Shot entirely on the iPhone 4S while on holiday in Wellington, New Zealand, "Last Chance" by team "Dan & Skylar Go Kiwi" - experimenting with attaching Canon lenses to Dan's iPhone.



'Last Chance' by Mirror Image

Directed by Shaun Bond and filmed in Liverpool UK, using a Canon 550D and the talents of a small, passionate team. Featuring Jordan Hale and Sarah Keating. WATCH HERE


'Last Chance' by Marshall Film Productions



'The Last Supper' by Coixi Media

Coixi media are based in London and we shot the film with Canon digital cameras, the 7D and 550D.




'The Last Supper' by Ugly Films

Shot on a 7d over two nights, this is directed by the writer of The Last Supper, Richard Green, with a great cast and crew who gave of their time, talent and energy freely to realise the project.


'Lonely Heart' by Anidoodle

An animated interpretation of the zombie love story written by Mark Jones, hand-drawn and animated using Adobe Flash, Premiere Pro and After Effects.


'Lonely Heart' by Good Shout

London based 'Good Shout' are a young and industrious team who worked with no money to bring to life Mark Jones ambitious zombie comedy: 'Lonely Heart'!


'Love' by Grindstone Films

This was shot on a hacked Panasonic GH2 on the London Underground. 


'Love Letters' by Chelwood Films

Filmed over one day in East Grinstead with a tiny but fabulous team.



'Lunchtime' written by Phil Charles

No film submitted

'The Moment' by Sandcastle Pictures

We read all 50 scripts, and the script "The Moment" was a script we really liked and was doable in the limited time remaining. We shot it on our beloved Red Scarlet camera. WATCH HERE


'The Moment' by Cut To Productions

We are a group of students at the University of Manchester; in the time-old student fashion, we scrimped together a budget of under £10 to make this film! 


'The Moment' by Sweet Home Films LLC

Producer Kerry Marlowe and Director Evan Marlowe are married filmmakers in Southern California. Music by Michael Daniel. Starring Don Donnelley and Craig Robert Young. WATCH HERE


'The Moment' by Bicyclettes de Belsize 

 Our team consists of Director: Ekta Walia, DOP: Keith Gubbins, Starring Jadran Maljkovic as the hitman and Tom Brittney as the hit with original music by Harry Lightfoot.We shot on C300 in the cellar of a pub in Belsize ParkLondon. WATCH HERE

'The Moment' by New Granary Productions

New Granary Productions comprises of a group of five actors currently in training at Drama Centre London - each of whom have starred, directed as well as produced 5 separate shorts for the 50 Kisses project. WATCH HERE

'The Moment' by A Silver Bullet 

'The Moment' by Judson Vaughan


'The Nearness of You' by Heydon/Carver

Shot in one happy day by Norfolk based team, Joe Carver and Sam Heydon, on a Canon 550d.   We were fortunate to work with some extremely talented actors and crew and a lot of very patient and good humoured extras! WATCH HERE

'Neil' by Anil Rao

I found in Nigel Karikari's script NEIL, the opportunity to relish my film theory of image montage as haiku, the connection of disconnection, to reference and keep the traditional aspects of cinemas heritage in silence alive.


'Neil' by HD Pictures

HD Pictures are from Fort Lauderdale, FL, USA. The main players are David Chavez, Kristopher Colavecchio and Heather Warren. We used a Sony EX1r and a Canon T3i with basic lighting kit and a few practical light.


'Neil' by JuSt Films

With professional crew members from South Africa, Ireland, France, Greece, the US and the UK, the JuSt Films "Neil" production is truly an international one. At the film's helm is award-winning director Natalia Andreadis. WATCH HERE


'Neil' by Kevin Buckland

Directed by Kevin Buckland with DP was Chris Olivotos. Neil was played by Darragh Mortell, Rita was played by Fleur Poad, and it was edited by Richard Stonor. WATCH HERE


'Neil' by New Granary Productions

This film was directed & edited by Sophie Francesca, produced by Simon Haycock and featured Liam Hughes as Neil and Safiyya Lea as Rita.  Fabio Guglielmelli was DoP - shooting on Canon 7D, Francis Cullen was on Sound, Martin Sarreal was Grip and Soo Jong Park was Makeup Artist. WATCH HERE

'Neil' by Innervision Films

Innervision Films are a group of Exeter & Devon-based filmmakers & actors, who have worked on a number of projects together - including a low-budget feature. The film was shot on the Canon 5D mk2 by Robin Whenary - a graduate from the NFTS. WATCH HERE


'Neil' by Marshall Film Productions

Neil was a collective effort from Marshall Film Productions, shot using Canon's C300 HD camera and it was edited on Final Cut Pro.


'Neil' by StoryDigital


'Never Forget' by Black Toffee / SnapperPunchFish Production

The core of the team is myself Peter Carruthers (Actor/Writer/Producer), Dan Price (Director) and Ash Tidball (Sound). We shot the film on Canon 7D and 5D.  WATCH HERE

'Never Forget' by Edkasi51


  Withheld at film makers request

'Never Forget' by LCB Films




'Nothing Ventured' by Junction Zero

 The film was shot on Canon 7D using any available lights; and the location sound and ADR were recorded using Edirol R-44 sound recorder and Sennheiser gun mic and wireless kit. WATCH HERE

'Nothing Ventured' by E Pluribus Unum

No money, no equipment, no crew...no problem! A small group of passionate people from London with very limited means can still make a film. Here it is. This is our first film, and we hope you like it as much as we enjoyed making it. WATCH HERE

'Nothing Ventured' by New Granary Productions

This film was directed & edited by Simon Haycock and produced by Liam Hughes. Mark Jackson was DoP - shooting on Canon 5D mk2, Francis Cullen was on Sound, Jack Jackson was Camera Assistant, and Phoebe Brooks was Makeup Artist. WATCH HERE

'Nothing Ventured' by Giant B

We shot our project on the Canon 5d Mark II. Director Roger B Stillz put the project together with the help of his generous but small crew who are as passionate about film making as he is. WATCH HERE

'Nothing Ventured' by BOTU Films

Shot on a Canon 650D in Dunedin, New Zealand. We are like-minded amateurs with day jobs ranging from IT, customer service, retail, office administration and uni student. We did this for fun, and to challenge ourselves. WATCH HERE

'On They Lips A Faded Rose' by Poco Film

Shot on Canon 7D in Rugby town centre on a Saturday with no budget whatsoever. WATCH HERE

'Other Peoples Kisses' by Simon Foster

'Other Peoples Kisses' by team BFS

'Getting Ahead of Yourself' by Uncle Susan Films

The film was shot on a Canon 5DmkII and edited in FCP and After Effects.The stars of the show are Brendan Murphy and Alexandra Metaxa. WATCH HERE


'One (Distinctly Average) Date Later' by Team Montage

We are Team Montage a small production group based in cheshire consisting of James Burrell, Mat Halliday and Dan Robinson, we shot this on a Canon 60D. WATCH HERE


'Other People's Kisses' by Simon Foster


'Poster Boy' by Good Shout

Poster Boy is a lovely story by Tracey Flynn made by Good Shout/Alladi Films. Starring Stephanie de Whalley as an agoraphobic young woman who fights her fears and opens herself to a world of possibility. WATCH HERE


'Practice Makes Perfect' by Everything Sticks

 Everything Sticks are a team of zero budget film enthusiasts from Christchurch, New Zealand who use Canon DSLRs and experiment with DIY gear to complete interesting film opportunities. WATCH HERE

'Practice Makes Perfect' by Ladybug Films

Ladybug Films is comprised of Nikki Debbaudt  and Samantha Skelton from Los Angeles, CA, USA. We have such a strong vision for "Practice Makes Perfect" and can't wait to receive constructive criticism to make it even better. WATCH HERE

'Practice Makes Perfect' by DAVE


'Practice Makes Perfect' by Station Film


'The Price of Romance' by Team Gull Films

Withheld at Filmmakers Request

'The Price of Romance' by Ikonic Films

We're a UK production company founded in 2012, and this was a chance to work with a couple of actors we'd wanted to for a long time, and to shoot in a single take. Shot on 550d with a 14mm lens in a friend's office block for minimal editing and maximum experimentation on the day. WATCH HERE

'Priceless' by Videoware

Filmed on Canon 7D and 60D and edited with
Adobe Premier. WATCH HERE

'Priceless' by UNEZEYES Productions

My name is Rick Skyler, from Toronto, Canada. I worked with a group of three other filmmakers (Michael W. Penny, Alex Wood, Craig Wood) and we each directed one of four films produced over a very exhausting weekend. WATCH HERE

'Proof of Love' by latinTV

Love encounter between Dalia and henry on their attempt to enter for free into a valentines celebration. WATCH HERE

'Proof of Love' by Proof of Love Team

Withheld at Filmmakers Request

'Red Light' by Good Shout

Red Light was made with no budget on a Canon 60D with 3 dedo lights, some gels and 2 LED panels and a Zoom H4N microphone..

'Red Light' by Multimedia Moguls

Wade Copson (Director/VFX/Editor),Russell Smith (Director/Editor) and Daniel Tupou (Cinematography). This film was shot on Canon 60d and 7d cameras and edited using Adobe Premiere and After Effects. WATCH HERE

'Romantic Hideaway' by Sargantana Films

 Most of our team is from Menorca, Spain where it was shot. The main Cast are Belén Cascón and Fowler Rodney. It was shot with a Canon 60D camera.

'Romantic Hideaway' by Sweet Home Films LLC

Producer Kerry Marlowe and Director Evan Marlowe are married filmmakers in Southern California. Music by Michael Daniel. Starring Helen Soraya and Patrick Cavanaugh.


'Romantic Hideaway' by Shift 7 Films

We are a team from Birmingham with Producer Kelly Webster, Director Adam Tyers and DOP Calum Barre. We shot the film on a Red Scarlet. 


'Romantic Hideaway' by Team Scribble

The film was shot on Canon 5D Mark II, 25fps 1080p and produced and directed by Kawita Sareen.  All the cast/crew was sourced from Shooting People. WATCH HERE


'Romantic Hideaway' by Dart Productions


'Romantic Hideaway' by MIGGINS FILMS/REEL VIEW


'Sloppy Snogs' written by Honor Flaherty

No film submitted

'Smasheroo' by Sweet Home Films LLC

By Kerry and Evan Marlowe. Shot on Canon T3i, super 8mm and edited on Sony Vegas. WATCH HERE



'Smasheroo' by Anothershortfilm

The film was made on a small budget with a crew of two, and we filmed using a Canon XL1 and edited the film using Final Cut Pro. It was a challenge to make Hoodle the cat walk in one direction.  The actors are Gillian Morris and Craig Stratton. WATCH HERE

'Smasheroo' by Niall Carey

Filmed by two recent college graduates from Belfast called Niall Carey and Kieran Fitzsimons and filmed on a Cannon 5D, this is our first non-student production. WATCH HERE



'SWALK' by The Yeager Road Gang

Villa Rica Georgia, The Yeager Road Gang, or YRG Video Productions (for Short), Frank Moody, Dwayne Carter, Rodney Carlock, Alicia Moody. Shot on Canon 7D.WATCH HERE

'SWALK' by FutureView Entertainment

Dawn Cobalt is the director and this film is starring Wil Haynes and Jameelah Nuriddin and was shot on the Sony EX3 by the director of Photography Kenneth Stipe. WATCH HERE

'The Good Night' by Team Solution

Directed and produced by Stare Yildirim in a fine crazy day in Istanbul.

'Tied Up' by Kinetik Films

Mehul Shah and Erica Vogel co-produced this short film, with Mehul Shah directing. We shot the film on a Canon 7D and a Canon t2i.  WATCH HERE



'Unbearable' by Atlas Films

Nick is an up-and-coming writer with several shorts, TV series and features in development. He has recently gained agent representation with Jack Thomas at Independent Talent. UNBEARABLE is his first foray into Directing. Shot on the Arri Alexa. WATCH HERE

'Unbearable' by Michael W. Penny

Shot on the Red Scarlett camera, the production was filmed entirely on location in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The team stayed together to film three other 50 Kisses films, including "Don't", "Priceless", and "First/Last".

'Unbearable' by Up With the Clouds

We're a team of filmmakers from around London, who filmed this on a Canon 5d and 7d. It was shot over a (long!) weekend and the music was created by our brilliant composer.

'Unbearable' by Darkwood Films

We shot on the Panasonic DMC-GH2 and the main players for this production include Director Mark S. Wright, Producer Michael Mannion, DoP Lewis Wood and Executive Producer Leanne Natalie Jones.


'You Used to Bring Me Flowers' by Art for Money

This London-based film team is made up of members from the OTT film network (you can check us out here: http://www.ottfilms.co.uk/ ) and helpful friends! WATCH HERE

'You Used To Bring Me Flowers' by Open All Hours Media


'60 Year Valentine' written by Marc Lockier

'60 Year Valentine' by Melody Smith

An animation by Mel Smith, created in paper cuts. Shot on a Canon EOS 600. Edited on Final Cut Pro by Rowena Woolford.


'60 Year Valentine' by Stew Art Film

60 Year Valentine is the directorial debut of experienced cinematographer Stewart Hadfield and was shot on the Canon 5d. WATCH HERE